Choosing a professional for your emotional, behavioral and family needs is a sensitive and difficult decision. Psychologists have years of training in various areas of psychology, including clinical, academic, social, behavioral, behavioral health, neurocognitive, and developmental. Research shows us one of the most important factors in determining the success of your efforts in psychology is making certain you have a healthy and positive relationship with your provider.   

Dr. Ruffing has practiced as a clinical psycholgist in the upstate of South Carolina for the past 33 years. Dr. Ruffing is licensed by the State of South Carolina, Board of Examiners in Psychology. He has training and experience in a variety of clinical areas including law enforcement pre-employment and fitnesss for duty evaluations, clinical hypnosis, psychotherapy, behavioral health, and disabilty and competency evaluations as well as broad psychological testing to include forensic assessments and reviews.